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Prime Tutors Wimbledon is a service run by highly qualified teachers currently teaching in a top Wimbledon Preparatory school.

Welcome to Prime Tutors Wimbledon.

Prime Tutors Wimbledon is a service run by highly qualified teachers currently teaching in a top Wimbledon Preparatory school.

Entrance Test Program (5 - 8 years)

  • Initially we will assess your child's literacy and numeracy levels and identify their needs and requirements.
  • From this assessment we will develop an individual programme of work which will help improve your child's skills and develop their confidence.
  • This programme of work will offer ongoing preparation and revision tailored to your child's requirements.
  • Prime tutors Wimbledon allows your child to learn in a caring and nurturing environment.
  • Our curriculum is designed to cover the levels required for entrance tests (5 to 8 years).

General Tutoring (KS1 - KS2)

As well as the above we understand that young children might need a helping hand at various key stage levels in any specific subject. For example your child might be struggling with certain aspects of the curriculum such as 'TIME' or 'FRACTIONS' or 'MONEY'. Similarly they may find answering comprehension questions or planning essays challenging.
Prime Tutors can provide assistance, encouragement and the skills to tackle areas of difficulty while at the same time boost confidence and nurture a more positive approach to work. Prime Tutors can cater for specific short term studies of work.

Early Start Program (4 - 5 years)

We firmly believe that an early introduction to reading, writing and number skills is an essential part of children's development, building confidence and giving them a Head Start.

Why not enrol your child in our Early Start Programme run by our qualified early years team.
The focus of this programme is on phonics, letter and sentence formation and basic number skills.

11+ Program (9 - 11 years)

Prime Tutors Wimbledon offer a programme of work designed to cover all aspects of the 11+ tests for Grammar and Independent schools.

We cover:

  • Verbal and non verbal reasoning
  • Levels required for Maths and English

Make Prime Tutors work for you

At Prime Tutors we understand that children learn in different ways. Whereas some might require one to one tuition, others learn well in pairs or small groups.
Why not come alone or with a friend/friends. Your child may feel more at ease with a peer and it would certainly be more cost effective for you!

4 to 11 Years

Give your child the advandage by preparing him/her fully for entrance tests with Prime Tutors Wimbledon.

Private lessons in Wimbledon tailor-made to suit your child's specific needs or requirements.

Contact us now to initiate a tutoring programme for your child.